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The HYDRA series is a completely automated bottle washer designed to incorporate the most recent sector innovations. Reduced maintenance, extreme ease-of-use and -cleaning are its strong points.
A new, more rational wash cycle-including an initial bottle-emptying station followed by a pre-wash spraying and first pre-soak bath-significantly reduces detergent bath pollution and markedly decreases consumption levels.
The double label-removal station assures that the labels are completely loosened from the bottles while a rotating filter, extending the entire width of the machine, carries every last trace outside the machine.
The series of internal and external high-pressure detergent wash sprayings, performed using self-cleaning and self-centering rotating nozzles completes the bottle washing process.
A highly-effective alkalinity reduction station followed by a series of internal and external spray rinses, provide thorough bottle rinsing with low water consumption from the mains.
Thanks to its modular structure and range of options and special features, the HYDRA series offers maximum flexibility to meet all customer requirements.



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