Company / Profile


We wish to introduce ourselves as a new reality active in project and production of bottling plant machinery and more in details bottle-washing machines, rinse-machines, sterilisation units and case-washers.
Our Company, formed by three associated and various collaborators with a long experience gained on the field, aims to meet the needs of all those who are looking for high quality products at a competitive price.
This is going to be the philosophy of our Company.
We have a staff of more than 15 people, a covered manufacturing area of more than 1000 square meters and we can count on a tight long-lasting collaboration with outside companies producers of ancillary components.
Our short term and principal objective is to widen the organisational structure of our company so as to match the sharp demand of the market and the increased number of orders.
Thanks to the proven experience developed in this field we feel capable of manufacturing machinery suitable for all end-users active in wine, mineral waters, liqueurs, beers, fruit juices and beverage production, for milk and oil and other containers, both in glass and in recycled PET.

The production output of our washing machines ranges from 500 to 60.000 pieces/hour, according to the following models:

Single-end type
Series model from to
Combi 50 500
Genesi M - ML - L - XL- LO 250 5.000
Taurus M - L - XL - LO 1.500 6.000
Hydra 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - HP 4.000 50.000
Apollo 2B - 3B - 4B 3.000 50.000
Double-end type
Series model from to
Hydra 6.000 30.000
Phoenix 2B - 3B - 4B - 5B 15.000 50.000

The large bottle washers in the SIRA range (double-end type) currently in production have a capacity which varies from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 3,000 b/h.

Above models range is completed by two different types of rinse-unit with a capacity from 1000 to 10.000 bottles/h, 3 different models of case-washers with an output capacity up to 5000 cases/h and by a plant for ozone production and blenders for sulphurous anhydride.