" What counts is not what we do,  but how much care we put in doing it; even little things need great care to be doneö


AKOMAG respects the environment

For its production,  AKOMAG   uses 100% energy from renewable sources.

The  use of bottle washers supports glass recycling and significantly  reduces the quantity of glass to be disposed of, with great advantage  for our environment, while also reducing production costs.


Semi-automatic bottle washer


Designed in accordance withsmall users with a very low productive capacity (agritourism facilities, wineries, micro breweries, etc.) this washer is highly versatile to suit the widest requirements

Demonstrative video


AKOMAG   has been devoted to manufacturing bottle washing machines for years. Thanks to the high qualitative standard reached by its production, the technology used and the time-effective post-sales support offered to customers, it has become a leading reference within this field.