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by Cesare Santiago   

Bottle washing machines dedicated to re cycling

Building safe and environmentally friendly machines is the commitment that Akomag has taken over the years and that it renews every day thanks to its facilities and skilled engineers engaged in design and engineering, search of new materials and

constant testing of all products in production


Today, to the high bottling production rates must correspond a high level of specialization of the processes involved, which are also performed with technologically advanced machines. In the beverage sector, where the automatic washing of recycled bottles has now reached high levels of specialization, operates Akomag, a company headquartered at Soragna (Parma) able to offer a diversified production including bottle-washers, rinsing units and sterilizers by immersion for glass or PET bottles and water dispensers, as well as crate washers and various complementary products. Particularly wide is the range of bottle-washers, whose potential obviously varies depending on the model (from 500 to 60,000 pieces/h). The modular design of these installations allows to gradually increase the functions and level of technological advancement, by including sections for special cleaning and sanitizing, including complementary solutions such as: automatic control of the process parameters, security systems, energy recovery, reduction of wastes and automatic cleaning of the most important parts from an hygienic point of view.


Washing without problems of space

For what concerns low capacities bottle washing, Akomag offers Genesi, available in very compact sizes to be installed in any operating environment. Designed on the basis of information supplied by producers with low production capacities, this series has a simple but functional wash cycle, which allows to lower the running costs (water, energy, detergents) without adversely affecting the cleanliness of the bottles to recycle, the complete detachment of the labels and their total dumping to the outside. Its particular ease of use and servicing increases productivity and minimizes downtimes. The modular design of this series allows customers to “build tailor-made machines”, adapting them from time to time to different types of use (water, wine, oil, beer, soft drinks).

Built in compliance with the Machinery Directive, it is equipped with all necessary accessories for a smooth operation, including a heat exchanger built with pipes made of stainless steel geometrically arranged to prevent the deposit of sludge or sundry precipitations that would compromise its performance . Alternatively, a built-in combustion chamber with direct burner operation is also available. The safety equipment and dust protection systems protect bottles unloading. The special valve for mains water saving and the automatic water control in the final rinse station allow a relevant water saving. More valves allow to clear out the pulp and drain the spray tanks, whose pumps have body and impeller made of stainless steel AISI 316 and are equipped with protective filters. The electronic safety device placed on the main reducer stops the machine in case of overload. Other equipments stand out: clustered greasing unit, electronic variable speed drive, adjustable control panel in stainless steel, IP55 electrical system, pressure gauges and thermometers within operator’s visual reach.

This series is also ready for the addition of liquid soda and additives in the maceration bath and in the detergents tanks, as well as disinfectants in the spray tanks. Both internal spraying, performed with rotating self-cleaning nozzles, and external spraying are performed at high pressures and all spraying systems can be easily removed for routine cleaning and servicing. Bottles loading and unloading is fully automatic, perfectly synchronized with the main chain motion.


Full cycle ecological washing

To streamline the wash cycle, Akomag created Hydra, a series of fully automatic machines with an initial bottles-emptying station followed by a pre-wash spraying and a first pre-maceration bath.

Its configuration is particularly environmentally friendly because it allows to reduce the pollution of the detergent bath and to lower consumptions. The triple labels-removal station ensures their complete detachment from used bottles, while the rotating filter operating across the whole width of the machine ensures their full dumping. Bottle washing is completed with inner and outer sprayings, and it’s done with a detergent sprayed at high pressure by self-cleaning and self-centering rotating nozzles. Full rinsing is complete with alkalinity suppression and inner and outer sprayings with mains water. This series, fully complying with the Machinery Guidelines, is equipped with devices that increase its safety: sensors to slow down and stop it in case of lack or clogging of bottles on the conveyor belts; addition of liquid soda and additives in the detergent bath and of disinfectants in the spray tanks. The automatic bottles loading and unloading is synchronized with the main chain motion. A valve for mains water saving and the automatic control of the presence of water complete the final rinse station. Other important features are: automatic reset of the bottles loading and unloading slipways from a control panel; grouped lubrication; electronic speed change device with remote control (inverter); display of the set speed on the control panel; self-cleaning and self-centering high pressure rotary spray nozzles; external spray nozzles easily removable for cleaning and servicing; valves for waste paper dumping and spray tanks draining; removable stainless steel control panel; IP55 electrical equipment; pressure gauges and thermometers within operator’s visual range. An electronic message display expedites the total control of all machine functions. Accident prevention protections and a dust control system are positioned near the bottles unloading point.

The electronic safety devices on each speed reducer allow the machine stop in case of overload. The heat exchanger and pumps are the same as those of the Genesi series.


High automation level with one operator

Top washing automation and high productivity level meet in the HP (high production) model of the Hydra series. Despite the advanced design, just one operator can manage the entire washing cycle by remote control, checking its operation through the control systems the machine is equipped with. The outer washing pipes are built to minimize servicing but disassembly and cleaning operations, if required, are very simple to carry out. The regulation of the temperatures in the tanks is automated by means of a modulating-action pneumatic proportional system, that guarantees accuracy and operational safety. The oversized main drive ensures a long lasting efficiency, minimizing mechanical wear at the same time. The electronic frequency converter allows the control of the main motors installed in the Hydra HP series through a remote control. The automatic press for the collection of the labels dumped from the cleaning bath is completed with a recovery system of the detergent solution that accumulates during the pressing phase.


All Taurus bottle-washers, both the basic model and the L version shown in the picture are continuous-cycle machines ideal for small and medium productions




A double labels-removal station characterizes the Hydra series, including model 9.1 shown in the picture. After the complete detachment of the labels from the bottles, a rotating filter ensures their full dumping

Thanks to its compact size, Genesi can be embedded in any operating environment. Its wash-cycle, simple but practical, allows to lower the costs of water, energy and chemicals consumption without affecting the cleanliness of the bottles to recycle