Rassegna Stampa / 2012-03 - Italian Food






 Automated machines for medium-high productions


The Hydra series by Akomag offers completely automated machines, designed and manufactured for medium-high productions. Conceived to meet the needs of the most demanding and careful customers, such small-sized machines are equipped with all the novelties in the bottle washing sector. Command and control systems allow one single operator to remotely manage the whole wash cycle and constantly check its functioning, speed and consumption. The completely automated bottle washers are easy to use and need low maintenance. The new and more rational wash cycle consists of a first station for bottle emptying followed by a pre-washing spraying and a first pre-steeping bath; it also allows reducing pollution in the detergent bath with resulting reduction of consumptions. The double station for label removal ensures their complete removal from the bottles; while a rotating filter, placed along the machine width, ensures its evacuation. The many internal and external sprayings with high-pressure detergent are performed though rotating units (self-cleaning and self-centering), and complete bottle washing.